This (mostly poetry) reading series happens in Greenville, SC. We have a small house but a wide aesthetic, and we are an open and hate-free space. Please be in touch for details.
Previous readers have included:
Samuel Amadon, Ari Banias, Claire Bateman, Sarah Blackman, Katie Chaple, Lauren Clark, Liz Countryman, Michael Dowdy, Graham Foust, Shamala Gallagher, Vera Gómez, Julia Koets, Maya Marshall, Sara Renee Marshall, Mamie Morgan, Kathleen Nalley, Sara Peck, Hilary Plum, Joy Priest, John Pursley, Adrienne Raphel, Glenis Redmond, Zach Savich, Natalie Shapero, Sarah Stickney, Cathy Wagner, Candace Wiley, Magdalena Zurowski