a video
reading w/ Stéphane Bouquet (poems and translations), July 2019, Café Pas Si Loin, Pantin, France
some poems
“Charm for G,” “Tender Publics,” Stinging Fly
Forms of Displeasure,” Dusie Tuesday poem series
Poem for the New Year,” Bennington Review
New City,” Rob McLennan’s Spotlight series
Greenville” (with Walt Hunter), The Spectacle
Song of Untellable Distances,” Alienocene 2 (plus French translation by Frédéric Neyrat)
prose poem series, “Essays on Working,” Blind Field Collective
five poems, Company Journal
Spring Bank Holiday,” “Vows,” Lana Turner Journal
three poemsPEN American Center poetry series
“Love Song” (two poems), “The New Forest,” Tender
Ditty,” “Sea Chanty,” “Capital Song,” “Storm Song,” “Tulips and Roses,” Prelude
Convalescence,” Return to Default
two poems, WebConjunctions
from Love Is Colder Than the Lake (Liliane Giraudon), Asymptote
from adagio ma non troppo (Ryoko Sekiguchi), Seedings
Transnational Literature French Poetry Feature: “Translating Paul Blackburn” (Stéphane Bouquet), “The Beginnings” (Maël Guesdon), “33 1/2 Flowers” (Marie de Quatrebarbes)
from adagio ma non troppo (Ryoko Sekiguchi), Obra/Artifact
solitude week 1” (Stéphane Bouquet), Lana Turner Journal
from adagio ma non troppo (Ryoko Sekiguchi), CLOCK